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The new poster boy of education industry, Nishant Prakash is the gateway to NLU's

By Priti | PUBLISHED: 30, Sep 2020, 15:28 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, Oct 2020, 18:47 pm IST

The new poster boy of education industry, Nishant Prakash is the gateway to NLU's

Today's generation is facing an extremely competitive world leading upto carving a successful career. Amoungst a plethora of exams that are options for students, Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is one of the most challenging all India entrance examination and your ticket to get into any of the 22 finest National Law Universities (NLUs) in India. Here professional guidance is a very important facet to help one achieve ones dream to make a career in law.

There are not many law entrance exam preparation institutes in the country, particularly the national capital of Delhi, that guarantee merit in law entrance tests. One’s merit is the key to get to the top Law schools. What else can one ask if one such is around.

Merit needs no advertisement, it automatically finds its place. Even with zero publicity, Nishant Prakash remains to be the most sought-after educationist imparting legal education in India.

Nishant Prakash Law Classes, that conducts courses in CLAT, AILET, LNAT, LSAT and many more, claims 97% success rate with 91% selections in NLU's and 99% selections in premier law schools. The institute running since 2013, boosts of 678 students having been selected in premier law schools and 614 selected in NLUs. Nishant Prakash’s name has marked a brand for itself in law coaching. He is called the Super 30 of law entrance training.

Nishant has changed the way students are coached in India and is inspiration to many. He is among few of those teachers who quit their high paying jobs to pursue their passion of teaching and mentoring and have been successful in adding value to the society. He has been able to create an exception to the highly commercialised coaching industry which largely depend on advertisements.

Hailing from Bihar, an extremely popular educationist imparting legal education is the new poster boy of education industry in India. In a short span of nine years he has already built a name to which every law aspirant of the country wants to get associated. His popularity can be gauged on the scale that Niti Aayog has recently appointed him to advise them on “Reforming Legal Education System in India”.

A graduate from Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur, Nishant started his career as a corporate lawyer in 2011 working with a couple of top law firms of the country, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices being the last. He then decided to quit his illustrious job and charted a new course meant for students pursuing Law as a career and aspiring for entrance exams of National Law Schools popularly known as CLAT.  He has around 50 journals published globally.

Arzoo, who cracked CLAT under Nishant's guidence and pursuing LLB from NLU Gandhinagar, Gujarat says, 'Being under the guidance of Nishant Sir was a life changing experience. He knows exactly what is required to make you an NLU graduate. He constantly encourages his students to do better by the perfect reinforcement required to make a difference.'

With his typical desi style of teaching, he has been able to place almost all his students in top law schools of the country. His students come from all backgrounds alike. 

Rhea Prasad, an ex-student, currently studying at National Law School of India University, Bangalore, says, “Nishant Prakash Law Classes has a unique atmosphere, very different from what we had ever seen or observed earlier at school or any other institute. We were trained to be really good friends at the same time to be ruthless when it comes to competing with each other. In leisure time, he was our best friend and would organise party, music, dance, yoga sessions etc for relieving stress”. 

“He is a tough task master and I do not think his institute is meant for anyone, who cannot work hard. He made us work really hard however with his pleasing personality and exceptional sense of humour he made it very easy for us to survive well” says another ex-student Divyanshu Sharma, currently studying at National Law University, Delhi. The list of such students is long.

Regarding expansion of NPLC, Nishant says ''I am a teacher, not a businessman and neither an entrepreneur. I am not giving franchisees to third parties as it would take away the essence of this institution and the whole purpose of doing it would get defeated. I would rather restrict myself to few places accessible which can be handled by our core group of experts. I am always flooded with lucrative proposals by startup investors who propose to invest in me so that we can multiply the institute’s turnover. Trust me, I couldn’t understand this concept of turnover even when they taught me economics in first year of my college nor do I now.''