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ISI-Trained Terrorist Humaid-Ur-Rahman Surrenders In Prayagraj

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 18, Sep 2021, 17:55 pm IST | UPDATED: 18, Sep 2021, 17:59 pm IST

ISI-Trained Terrorist Humaid-Ur-Rahman Surrenders In Prayagraj

New Delhi: Terror suspect Humaid-ur-Rahman, reported to be the uncle of ISI-trained terrorist Osama who was arrested on September 14, has surrendered before the Uttar Pradesh police in Prayagraj.

This comes after Delhi Police on Tuesday busted an active terror module planning attacks in India during the festive season.

Humaid-ur-Rahman surrendered at the Kareli Police station on Friday, news agency IANS reported officials as stating.

Previously, Uttar Pradesh Police had issued a lookout notice for Rahman. A resident of Delhi's Jamia Nagar, he is accused of coordinating the entire terror network in India.

After they reached Muscat, Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) took them to Gwadar port through sea routes for training them in making explosives and bombs.

As per the inputs, both Osama and Zeeshan Qamar were given training in making bombs and IEDs and committing arson with the help of daily-use items.

They were also trained in handling and use of small firearms and AK-47s.

The report further stated that during the interrogation, it was disclosed that Osama left for Muscat in April where he met Zeeshan.

They were then joined by 15-16 Bengali-speaking people and were further divided into sub-groups where Zeeshan and Osama were placed in one group.

After several short sea-journeys over the next few days where they changed boats several times, they were taken to the town Jioni near Gwadar port in Pakistan. They were received by a Pakistani who took them to a farmhouse in Thatta.

As per the inputs, there were three Pakistani nationals in the farmhouse. Two of these, Jabbar and Hamza imparted training to them. Both are believed to be from the Pakistan Army as they wore military uniforms.

The training lasted for almost 15 days and thereafter, they were taken back to Muscat through the same route.

Besides Osama and Zeeshan, the other four arrested accused terrorists have been identified as Jaan Mohammad Shaikh, a resident of Mumbai; the rest of the three hail from Uttar Pradesh -- Moolchand, resident of Rae Bareli, Mohd Abu Bakar from Behraich, and Mohd Amir Javed from Lucknow.

All six accused will remain in police custody till September 29.

Earlier, Zeeshan was reported to have confessed that the terror module aimed to damage India’s economy.

He revealed that post-COVID, Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI wanted to carry out 'economic terrorism' in India. In a situation where an explosion was not possible, they were directed to cause economic damage. Terrorists were asked to burn factories, godowns, showrooms, and shops and also told to target the cotton trade through the railways. They asked them to burn the bogies full of cotton with a blast to ensure a maximum economic loss.