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Naveen Krishna Rai of Ghazipur provided training to MP Police on Negotiation

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 05, Mar 2023, 17:28 pm IST | UPDATED: 05, Mar 2023, 17:29 pm IST

Naveen Krishna Rai of Ghazipur provided training to MP Police on Negotiation
Negotiation is an implicit aspect of policing and a very important skill for police officials because dealing with conflicts is not only inevitable but a routine activity in their service. Keeping this in view, the Madhya Pradesh Police Academy, Bhauri, Bhopal and Police Training and Research Institute, Police Head Quarter, Bhopal, hosted a training session on negotiation and with the motive of helping police officers refine and improve their negotiating skills. This session on negotiation was part of training programs for sub-inspectors. Naveen Krishna Rai of Birpur village of Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh was the resource person for these sessions. Rai is currently working for IIM Indore as manager, government affairs.

The session familiarised the officers with the vital aspects of negotiation and conflict management. 

Rai emphasized the need to improve negotiation skills by saying that “people do not get what they deserve, but they get what they negotiate”. Rai talked about various negotiation styles, stages, strategies and tactics.

Elaborating upon the various stages of negotiation, participants were told that while preparing for any negotiation they should think about and understand their best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA). He concluded the session by explaining negotiation strategies with the help of the “dual concern model” which suggests that concern about self and concern about others motivate individuals to choose conflict-handling strategies.