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AAP warring factions fail to make any headway in talks FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 26, 2015
Reconciliation talks between the two warring factions in AAP appeared to have collapsed on Wednesday with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal insisting on Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan quitting the National Executive, ahead of the crucial National Council meeting on March 28. .... Read News
Will revive party organisation to repeat 2012 performance: Samajwadi Party FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 24, 2015
With an aim to form government in Uttar Pradesh for the second time in 2017 and counter growing influence of BJP, the ruling Samajwadi Party will revive the organisation by giving more emphasis to party workers and propagating the "good work" done by it. According to senior SP leader Shivpal Yadav, emphasis will be given on strengthening block-level organisation by assigning more prominence to party workers. .... Read News
Modi's modernity vs saffron orthodoxy Amulya Ganguly ,  Mar 21, 2015
Historian Ayesha Jalal has writen in her latest book, The Struggle for Pakistan, that at the root of Pakistan's national identity crisis has been the unresolved debate on how to square the state's self-proclaimed Islamic identity with the obligations of a modern nation-state. .... Read News
Kejriwal's AAP decides to go national; warring factions inch towards rapprochement FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 18, 2015
A month after assuming power in the national capital, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced on Tuesday that it has decided to go national. Confirming the development, AAP leader Sanjay Singh told the media that the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) has decided to expand the party in other states, .... Read News
Solidarity march: Congress pledges 'unstinting' support to Manmohan Singh FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 13, 2015
In a show of support, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday led a march expressing solidarity with former prime minister Manmohan Singh, and said he was a man of "integrity" and had the "unstinting support" of the party. The BJP on the other hand said not just an individual but the entire Congress party should take responsibility for the coal block allocation case in which Manmohan Singh has been summoned by a special court here. .... Read News
AAP rejects horse-trading charges on Arvind Kejriwal, tries to shift blame on BJP FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 12, 2015
In a bid to battle the troubles brewing within the Aam Aadmi Party, party leader Sanjay Singh on Thursday admitted meeting ex-Congress MLA Asif Mohammed Khan, but tried to embroil the Bharatiya Janata Party in the whole controversy. Khan had yesterday claimed that he was working as a mediator between AAP and Congress. .... Read News
Smriti Irani, Najma Heptulla dropped from BJP's national executive FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 12, 2015
HRD minister Smriti Irani and minority affairs minister Najma Heptulla are among the prominent faces whom BJP chief Amit Shah dropped from party's national executive announced on Thursday. While many prominent faces of the previous team have been retained in the new team, Mathura MP Hema Malini, .... Read News
Sonia Gandhi leads solidarity march to Manmohan Singh's residence FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 12, 2015
Sonia Gandhi is spearheading a march from the AICC headquarters to the residence of Manmohan Singh to express solidarity with the former Prime Minister, who has been summoned as accused by a court in a coal scam case. Gandhi, CWC members, party MPs as also other office bearers after meeting at 24 Akbar Road here started the march to the residence of Singh on 3 Motilal Nehru Marg. .... Read News
Anjali Damania quits AAP; accuses Arvind Kejriwal of horse-trading FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 11, 2015
The Aam Aadmi Party suffered a big setback on Wednesday when its face in Maharashtra, Anjali Damania, quit the party and alleged that Arvind Kejriwal had indulged in horse-trading. Damania tweeted: "I quit, I have not come into AAP for this nonsense. I believed him; I backed Arvind for principles not horse-trading." .... Read News
Yadav, Bhushan worked against AAP during Delhi polls FnF Correspondent ,  Mar 10, 2015
While all workers were struggling to ensure the party's victory, the trio — Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav and Shanti Bhushan — were making all out efforts for the party's defeat," a joint statement by Manish Sisodia and three other top AAP leaders said. .... Read News
'Dirty politics' in AAP ? Amulya Ganguli ,  Mar 07, 2015
For the Aam Admi Party (AAP) to begin falling apart less than a month after its famous victory in the Delhi election will be a cause of surprise and disappointment to its legions of followers in the national capital and outside. Surprise will be felt because it was believed that the party had learnt the right lessons from the suicidal tendencies which it displayed after its electoral success last year. .... Read Article
The emperor has no sense: Rahul's revival plan reveals his Tughlaq complex Ajaz Ashraf ,  Mar 02, 2015
The quirky politics of Rahul Gandhi, most recently symbolised by his absence from the Budget session of Parliament, reveals a mindset remarkably similar to that of Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Like the monarch, Rahul's approach to politics and power adheres to what is prescribed in textbooks, seemingly commonsensical, yet out of sync with the extant reality. .... Read Article
Fugitive prince: Is there a rift between Sonia and Rahul? Amulya Ganguli ,  Feb 28, 2015
There may be a deeper and more unsettling reason for Rahul Gandhi's present farewell to active politics than the explanation that he has gone away to mull over the factors which led to the Congress's recent electoral reverses. .... Read Article
PM Modi's secular pitch can give BJP a new face Amulya Ganguli ,  Feb 21, 2015
The saffron brotherhood is apparently coming to terms with India's pluralism - and the constitution. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi's observation that his government will act against any religious group inciting violence shows he has realized, albeit belatedly, that he cannot afford to maintain his "dangerous silence", to quote the New York Times, on the intimidation of minorities by Hindu groups affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). .... Read Article
Delhi election 2015: Have Muslims abandoned Congress? Syed Ubaidur Rahman ,  Feb 16, 2015
Delhi's voters have given their verdict loud and clear. After months of uncertainty, the electorate has reposed faith in Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP that has its genesis in Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement. .... Read Article
Recognizing the significance of the AAP Uday Dandavate ,  Feb 09, 2015
Though India attained independence from the British rulers in 1947, it did not attain freedom from servitude. A new elite class of politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats continued to hold everyday people to ransom, while cornering resources to amass personal wealth and power. .... Read Article
Loss in Delhi bad for Parivar, not the BJP Saeed Naqvi ,  Jan 31, 2015
In politics, sometimes normalcy looks abnormal. That the Bharatiya Janata Party should be with its back to the wall in the Delhi battle is abnormal for those who have not yet recovered from the awesomeness of Narendra Modi's victory in May 2014. .... Read Article
Janata Parivar: A group of opportunist provincials Amulya Ganguli ,  Dec 27, 2014
The so-called Janata "Parivar" comprising remnants of the old Janata Dal has been severely jolted in its first trial of strength although it has not yet been formally constituted. The dismal performance of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) and the Congress (although the latter is only the parivar's soul mate and not a member) suggests that the nascent alliance has a long way to go before it can be taken seriously. .... Read Article
Hindutva upsurge will tar Modi's image Amulya Ganguly ,  Dec 13, 2014
The first phase of the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) politics was marked by the targeting of mosques and churches. After the advent of Narendra Modi, the scene has become quieter. In fact, the Ram temple issue has been put on hold and even the fulminations against "love jihad", the supposedly sinister plan of Muslim youths to marry Hindu girls, have faded away, at least for the time being. .... Read Article
India: Towards a One Party Rule Uday Dandavate ,  Nov 14, 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shri Amit Shah are going about systematically bulldozing their way with a singular objective of establishing a clear line of command both at the center and in the states. The process is strategic, and ruthless. .... Read Article
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