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Congress in doldrums after assembly elections defeat Amit Agnihotri ,  Oct 25, 2014
Unless the top leadership takes some strong steps to rebuild the organisation, the near future too appears bleak for the Grand Old Party, with little hope from the next round of Assembly elections this year in Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Delhi. Since the Congress was wiped out in the Lok Sabha elections in May, .... Read News
Modi's success makes BJP a one-man party Amulya Ganguly ,  Oct 25, 2014
In politics, the prime minister has brushed aside the earlier by-poll setbacks by his successes in Maharashtra and Haryana. Although the BJP failed to get a majority in the western state, it made a few points which the party probably wanted to make for some time. .... Read News
Chidambaram wishes Sonia, Rahul were more communicative, advise upsets Congress FnF Correspondent ,  Oct 25, 2014
Former union minister P Chidambaram's recent statement on Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's leadership seems to have made the Congress a tad upset. Hinting at Chidambaram, the party spokesperson Rashid Alvi on Saturday said that the leaders especially the senior ones should give their advices in the party forum rather than in open. .... Read News
Narendra Modi to host Diwali Milan for NDA MPs on Sunday FnF Correspondent ,  Oct 24, 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited all the MPs of the National Democratic Alliance for a Diwali Milan in New Delhi on Sunday, a day the BJP is also expected to announce its chief minister for Maharashtra. .... Read News
Shiv Sena envoys meet Rajnath Singh in Delhi, hint at support to BJP govt in Maharashtra FnF Desk ,  Oct 22, 2014
Shiv Sena leaders Anil Desai and Subhash Desai, who arrived in Delhi Tuesday night for discussions with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over government formation in Maharashtra returned back to Mumbai on Wednesday morning. Anil Desai, a Rajya Sabha member and Subhash Desai, another senior Sena leader, .... Read News
Election results shocker for Congress, likely to impact its revival FnF Desk ,  Oct 21, 2014
The results of the Haryana and Maharashtra assembly polls came as a shocker for the Congress and made its revival even more difficult as the party has been defeated in the states that had been its traditional strongholds. The Congress finished third in both the states. The results once again raised questions on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's leadership with no clarity yet about the party's roadmap for restructuring. .... Read News
BJP may decide Haryana CM Tuesday FnF Desk ,  Oct 20, 2014
Having got a majority on its own for the first time in Haryana, the BJP is likely to decide its chief ministerial candidate here Tuesday. Well placed sources in the party said that the newly elected BJP legislators will meet here Tuesday and elect their leader who will be the next chief minister. The swearing in could take place before Diwali Oct 23. .... Read News
BJP indicates party not averse to NCP, Amit Shah takes a dig at former ally Shiv Sena FnF Desk ,  Oct 19, 2014
BJP on Sunday gave enough indications that it was not averse to the outside support offered by NCP and made it clear that it will be going ahead with formation of government in Maharashtra. As per norms of democracy, the largest party has the right to form the government. BJP will be forming the government in Maharashtra," .... Read News
Congress accepts its defeat in Maharashtra, Haryana with humility: Sonia Gandhi FnF Desk ,  Oct 19, 2014
Congress president Sonia Gandhi accepted the party's defeat in the elections to Haryana and Maharashtra assemblies. In a statement, she said, "The Congress Party accepts the election verdict delivered by the people of Maharashtra and Haryana with humility and resolves to play a constructive and vigilant role. The people of Maharashtra and Haryana trusted us. .... Read News
Shiv Sena not our political opponent: Devendra Fadnavis FnF Desk ,  Oct 19, 2014
Maharashtra BJP president Devendra Fadnavis said on Sunday that the Shiv Sena was not the main political opponent of his party. "Shiv Sena is not our political opponent, our main political opponents are NCP and Congress," Fadnavis said. Commenting on speculation that he was going to be the party's Chief Ministerial candidate in Maharashtra, Fadnavis said, .... Read News
Congress in self-destruct mode Amulya Ganguli ,  Oct 18, 2014
Perhaps the awareness about the irredeemable nature of the Congress's political fortune persuaded Prithviraj Chavan to let the cat out of the bag. By confessing, however, that he was powerless as the Maharashtra chief minister to probe the allegations of corruption against influential party members like Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Ashok Chavan, .... Read Article
How the Congress lost the Indian diaspora, and BJP gains Ramachandra Guha ,  Sep 28, 2014
There are two notable differences, however. First, unlike the BJP today, the pre-Independence Congress was not the recipient of large amounts of funds from overseas. Second, the NRI nationalists of the colonial era sought to represent all Indians regardless of religion or ethnicity. .... Read Article
Internal tensions: It can get worse for Congress Amulya Ganguli ,  Sep 06, 2014
The Congress High Command, which is a pseudonym for party president Sonia Gandhi, must have realized by now that securing a clean chit for the mother-and-son duo in a report on the poll debacle by a servile loyalist will not put an end to constant carping by party members. .... Read Article
Bring out the by-poll laddoos: Is the Congress revival finally here? Sanjeev Singh ,  Aug 26, 2014
As the results of by-polls started coming in on Monday, the smiles finally found their way back to the faces of senior Congress leaders and their allies. The results have given the Congress the feeling that not all is lost for it yet and there are openings for it to crawl back into political relevance. The BJP, which appeared invincible under Narendra Modi, has suddenly started looking vulnerable. .... Read Article
To each his own: Modus vivendi between Modi and RSS? Amulya Ganguly ,  Aug 23, 2014
Although the assertions of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat about India being a Hindu nation and that all its citizens are Hindus in a cultural sense have long been among the basic tenets of the Hindu nationalist outfit, the reiteration of these old postulates undoubtedly has something to do with the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) assumption of power at the centre. .... Read Article
Modi sends Advani, BJP old guard into exile Amulya Ganguly ,  Aug 02, 2014
In the Hindu way of life, old age entails exile from home and hearth. As the Manu Smriti says, when a man sees "his skin wrinkled and his hair gray and when he sees the son of his son, then he should resort to the forest". .... Read Article
Are Hindutva hawks flying again? Amulya Ganguly ,  Jul 19, 2014
The latest reported observations of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) supremo, Ashok Singhal, echo what the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue, M.S. Golwalkar, said in his 1939 publication, "We, or Our Nationhood Defined". In it, the Hindutva icon had given an outline of what the minorities can expect in India. .... Read Article
Modi prevails over saffron traditionalists Amulya Ganguly ,  Jul 06, 2014
The Hindutva fundamentalists may be slowly realising that the Bharatiya Janata Party's victory is unlikely to help their cause as much as they would have liked. .... Read Article
AAP to move out, following neighbours' complaint FnF Desk ,  Jun 08, 2014
The Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP) might no longer give their address as 41, Hanuman road off Connaught place in the heart of Delhi, as it could move out of the two-storey building that was it's home for 18 months - because the neighbours are complaining, party sources said on Sunday. .... Read Article
How BJP's online campaign proved vital for success FnF Desk ,  May 20, 2014
With the BJP registering a thumping victory in the general election, significant credit goes to the party's online campaign to tap the general psyche by connecting with millions of youngsters. Vikas Pandey, a 30-year-old software architect, headed the social media campaigns like "I Support Namo" on Facebook and Twitter, as a volunteer for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) .... Read Article
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