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24, Jul 2019, by : Priti

Mohammad, a soldier of the National Yemen Army, 40 years, whose right knee was severely injured in a bomb blast in Adib leading to bone infection with 8-10 sharpnels embedded in the bone stood with his amputated leg talking in Arabic about his ordeal and what brought him to India.Read News

19, Apr 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

In Gurgaon, near Jalvayu Vihar Tower, local people were amazed to see a group of around 50 street connected children (lead by team members of Badhte Kadam-federation of street connected children from Delhi) blowing whistles and raising slogans against the recent alleged sexual abuse of an 18 month old girl in Gurgaon.Read News

08, Nov 2018, by : FnF Desk

Asia Bibi was released from New Jail for Women in Multan (around 350km from Lahore) late on Wednesday and taken to Noor Khan Airbase, Rawalpindi, from where a chartered plane would take her to the Netherlands.Read News

11, Sep 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the Valedictory Function of the 125th Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand's Chicago speech, organized by Sri Ramakrishna Math at Coimbatore via Video Conference. Read News

23, Aug 2018, by : FnF Desk

"There is a history that when one realises that when these events take place, it's collision of ideas, forces, confusion. That's where you get caught. I remember when I saw Mr Prabhakaran on TV lying dead, I got two feelings - one was why they are humiliating this man in this way. "Read News

13, May 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Google doodle is dedicated to all the mothers out there as it celebrates Mother's Day across the globe. Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.Read News

25, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

CHETNA, along with over 300 street connected children celebrated Police Week with support from Delhi Police in various areas of Delhi.Read News

11, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Haryana Minister of Industries Mr Vipul Goel has set an example for others by arranging marriage of 31 needy daughters and providing houses to 101 needy people from Varanasi District on occasion of marriage of his daughter on 11 Feb 2018.Read News

18, Aug 2017, by : FnF Correspondent

A young IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh is making the Prime Minister Naredra Modi dream become a reality in his constituency. Sunil Verma, CDO, Varanasi has started an initiative named Swatchh Kashi: under this initiative on the occasion of rakshabandhan he asked the youth of the district to gift a toilet to their sister as Rakshabandhan gift and they have to take a selfie with the toilet gifted.Read News

14, Mar 2017, by : FnF Correspondent

52 countries celebrate Commonwealth Day and aspire for 'A Peace-building Commonwealth'. Read News

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