Sunday, Nov 28th 2021
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17, Aug 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy for Cooperative Research and Development and Regional Training Centre of NCDC have conducted series of awareness and training Read News

03, Jul 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Cooperatives have risen to the occasion in fighting COVID-19 to help the public says Shri Bhagwan Shankar, Additional Chief Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies and Cooperation Department, Government of Sikkim.Read News

21, Jun 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Amid Covid-19 pandemic which has caused havoc across the world, yoga is a ray of hope for all as it not only ensures physical well-being but also keeps us mentally fit in the stressful and anxious times, Union Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar said on Monday on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.Read News

13, Jun 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

The National Cooperative Development Corporation has launched a two-month long yoga program online, thrice-a-week from June 14 for its employees and members of cooperatives from across the country.Read News

05, Jun 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

With anxiety, financial loss, lifestyle changes such as social distancing norms and death, brought on by Covid-19 pandemic having adverse impact on the mental health of people, National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) revealed its compassionate side by holding a session on mental health talk online for its staff and members of the cooperatives.Read News

28, May 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

When country is experiencing once-in-a-century crisis due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the NCDC will be organizing an online talk called COVID & Mental Health on June 4th.Read News

28, May 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

The National Cooperative Development Corporation launched yet another similar initiative to reach out to the youth of Andhra Pradesh in Telugu language. Dr. K Rajeswara Rao, Special Secretary, NITI Aayog, launching the guidance video online on the formation and registration of Cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh. Read News

20, May 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

In its bid to pursue India's growth trajectory in cooperatives, NCDC has invited professionals from a variety of organizations to come on deputation as Chief Director. NCDC seeks to recruit as many as eight Chief Directors. Read News

17, May 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Col Bikramjit Singh, Chief Director of LINAC said that during the session, the participants would be trained on various aspects of the project appraisal ranging from screening of projects, formulating a project, understanding project cycle and project proposal and dRead News

13, Apr 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Deutsche Bank provides corporate and transaction banking, lending, focused investment banking as well as retail and private banking to corporations, governments and others. Over the last 40 years, Deutsche Bank has grown to become one of the largest foreign banks in India, with branches in 16 cities across the country. Read News

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