Monday, May 20th 2019
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12, Mar 2019, by : Shilpi Chohan

Despite India being one of the countries boasting the highest number of medical colleges in the world, there is a great disparity in the number of practicing physicians versus qualified ones. Read News

11, Mar 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

The couple, since they started dating have been sharing cute snippets of their holidays and their public display of affections with their fans and we love those shares.Here are some of the best moments of the couple.Read News

11, Mar 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

One Twitter user wrote: "Dear Sir, please ban the advertisement of Surf Excel which promotes love jihad." The Twitter user added that it is hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus.Read News

07, Mar 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Mohammad Sharik, 17, a resident of Hardiwar in Uttarakhand, who was among the people brought to the hospital, succumbed to splinter injuries in the chest, the officials said.The condition of four more injured persons was "critical" and two of them were operated upon by the doctors to save their lives, they said.Read News

04, Mar 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Facebook's 2FA has been under the privacy scanner since last year. Last year there were reports that a number of people were receiving random SMS notifications after giving their phone number for 2FA. Facebook later acknowledged the bug and fixed it. It was later also known that Facebook was using phone numbers to target ads. According to a Gizmodo report, when a user gives his or her phone nRead News

25, Feb 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Separately Vodafone also has an unlimited annual plan for its users at Rs 1,499. The company under this plan offers unlimited calls and 100 SMS per along with 1GB of 3G/4G data a day. The total data benefit is 365GB for the entire validity period. The user will be charged at 50 paise/MB after the data limit is exceeded.Read News

19, Feb 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Molly Schroeder survived a heart attack when she was only 21 years old. Now she's on a mission to help young women understand Read News

19, Feb 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Heart disease is responsible for about 325,000 adult deaths in the United States each year — and a disproportionate number of them are black women.Eighty percent of heart disease deaths can be prevented. So, why aren't we doing more? Getty ImagesMuch research has been conducted showing the particularlyRead News

19, Feb 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Many experts in the world of prescription medications say Johnson & Johnson's decision to list drug prices is a step forward toward long-overdue transparency, but it won't necessarily provide immediate clarity in the convoluted realm that is the U.S. healthcare system. Read News

18, Feb 2019, by : FnF Correspondent

Katy's mother Mary Hudson also shared images of the emotional proposal on Facebook, with the caption, "Look who got engaged last night."Perry was previously married to actor Russell Brand, while Orlando was married to model Miranda Kerr.Read News

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