Sunday, Dec 04th 2022
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25, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

London: Rishi Sunak, who will on Tuesday become the UK's 57th Prime Minister, is richer than King Charles III and, at 42, younger than every predecessor except William Pitt the Younger, the media reported. Sunak will also be the UK`s first ever person of colour to lead the countryRead News

24, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Indian Origin former UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak became UK's prime minister on Monday (October 24). Replacing former PM Liz Truss, Sunak became the first Indian-origin prime minister of the UK. Along with being the first Indian-origin UK PM Sunak now also holds the title of becoming the youngest UK prime minister in modern history at the age of 42 years.Read News

24, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Rishi Sunak profile: grew up watching Rishi's parents serve our local community with dedication. Rishi's dad was an NHS family GP and Rishi's mum ran her own local chemist shop. Rishiwanted to make that same positive difference to people as their Member of Parliament and RishRead News

23, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Ten years on at the 20th Congress in Beijing which concluded on Saturday, it was 69-year-old Xi's turn to hand over the reins to a successor as per the old norm but the CPC turned the page on its leadership transition to permit his continuation for a record third term and thereafter.Read News

18, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Butt is in Delhi to attend the 90th General Assembly of Interpol, which is being held from October 18 to October 21. The meeting is being attended by delegations from 195 Interpol member countries comprising ministers, police chiefs of countries, heads of national central bureaus and senioRead News

18, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Non Resident Odias in Australia celebrated Orioz Sports Fest 2022 at Canberra with much pomp, splendour and fanfare. Around Hundreds of Aussie Odias gathered from all states of Australia at the Festival venues to witness and take part in the unique event showcasing both the excellence in sports and Fragrance of vibrant Odia CultureRead News

13, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

New Delhi: Addressing the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures (CICA) Summit in Astana, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif accused the Indian government of committing atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the onus was on New Delhi to engage in discussions.Read News

13, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

According to local reports, the BF.7 was detected on October 4 in Yantai and Shaoguan city. The subvariant BA.5.1.7 was detected in the Chinese mainland for the first time, as reported by Global TimRead News

11, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

We are, you know, looking at finding ways of sort of taking it to higher levels. When it comes to the global situation, we had a good discussion," he said during a joint press conference with minister Penny.On Monday afternoon, Jaishankar also met Australia Education Minister Jason Clare in Canberra and discussed the importance of quality education and the need to prepare for the global workplace. Read News

11, Oct 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, fielding questions on Monday in Australia, declined to say what his country thought of the measure. The full 193-member assembly is expected to vote Wednesday or later. Russia wanted secret balloting, an unusual move that the assembly rejected, 107-13, with 39 abstentions. Russian bids to reconsider the secret ballot idea were voted down.Read News

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