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Jaipur Art Summit dragged into cow politics

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 11, Dec 2015, 20:17 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Dec 2015, 20:23 pm IST

Jaipur Art Summit dragged into cow politics The DGP Rajasthan said ‘sorry' for what happened on the opening day of  Jaipur art summit when SHO of a police station came with his men and arrested two of the artists who had flown Styrofoam cow in the air with the help of a big balloon, the hanging cow generated negative vibes disturbing communal peace in his PS area. Over enthusiastic SHO taking art as Indian penal code matter explained in a legal way and got the hanging cow on the ground which weighed nearly two kg.

The new rule and definition by the police of Jaipur shocked many artists and intellectual of Pink city. Such incidents during art exhibitions are very much visible every where in the country when summits are viewed through religious glasses of a particular community. So What happened in Jaipur Art Summit is not new.  Earlier on many occasions some right minded radical forces of society have shown their muscles and redefined the meaning of art vs religion. Such persons  patronized by any  government of the world can not judge the quality of literature and arts.

The prolonged disease of thousand years old slavery can not tolerate the freedom of the writers and artists. Hangover of colonialism is reaching its peak because of copied and pseudo literacy. India will take some more time to grow like other democratic countries of the west.

The young enthusiastic experiment with art forms many times misfire resulting in controversies and unpleasant moments as its lack clarity  and correctness while communicating the messages. There must be element of art in any artistic form like installation. You can not fool all in the name of  experiment in art all the time.