Wednesday, Mar 29th 2017
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28, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
Shri Ram Van Gaman Path Yatra 2017 enters in day 47. Pilgrims reached Mysore district of Karnataka, where Shri Ram Ramji first worshiping Lord Shiva in Treta Yuga.

27, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
General perception about Lakshman ji of Treta is known as staunch supporter of eldest brother Shri Ram, but in Karnataka we find two places where Lakshman ji turned against brother. These two pilgrims of exile period of Shri Ram are present in Mankattur and Banavar of Karnataka. Listen to full details with audio clips.

26, Mar 2017, by : Special correspondent
A large number of devotess thronged to do pryaers at Ramrath Of Ayodhya in different parts of Karnataka. SRVG Yatra enters in 45th day on Sunday. Pilgrims are visiting Kar Sidheshwar temple, Hal Rameshwar and Dashrath Rameshwar teertha today. Listen to audio report for details.

25, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
Kiskindha seems still like Treta yug's Kiskindha even in 21st century. SRVG pilgrims are visiting Rishyamook Parvat, Chakrateertha, Prasravan Parvat, Sphatik Shila and fort of Kiskindha today.

24, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
SRVG pilgrims are reaching today not only at birth place of Hanumanji today but also Maa Shabari's Ashram too.

23, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
General perception about Ram Katha and Shoorpnakha context of Treta yuga is that Laxmanji cut her nose and ears only, but no, Dr Ram avatar says Laxmanji also cut nose and ears of Ayomukhi Rakshasi, who was just like Shoorpnakha.

22, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
During exile Shri Ram, Shri Laxman, and Maa Sita were not only wandering here and there to make an awareness among forest dwellers but they were also teaching them life skills. We have seen several pilgrimages where they worked as associates of common man and executed welfare works.

21, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
Shri Ram Van Gaman Path Yatra 2017 enters in day 40. Pilgrims reaching in some more places, releted to Lord Shri Ram leelabhumi in Treta Yuga.Pilgrims of 11th Aodhya to Rameshwaram SRVG Yatra visiting today Yedeshwari, Shri Ramvardayini , Ghatshila and Ramlinga pilgrimages. All places are associated with Shri Ram and Satimata.

20, Mar 2017, by : FnF Special Correspondent
SRVG pilgrims offered prayer in Trayambkeshwar temple on Sunday. Dr Ramautar Sharma and his team members are visiting Shirur, Rameshwar Sautara, Ramkund, Bhum and Kunthalgiri Jain Mandir today. Lord Ram killed Rakshas and saved Jain Munis in this area inTreta Yuga.

19, Mar 2017, by : Special Correspondent
Sarva teertha,Nasik, cremation place of vulture Jatayoo, who fought with Ravan and told Ram about her abduction. Shri Ram Van Gaman Yatra enters 38th day. Listen to audio clips for full report.

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