Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017
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21, Feb 2017, by : FnF Correspondent
Devguru Brihaspati performed thousand of Yagya at Brihaspati Kund. Shri Ram Van Gaman Path Yatra 2017 entered into12 th day.

20, Feb 2017, by : FnF Correspondent
"Sidhha Pahad is a VVIP teertha sthal of Ram Van Gaman Path" claims Dr Ramautar Sharma and says "this is the first place where Ramji took oath to destroy Raksha culture".

19, Feb 2017, by : FnF Correspondent
Shri Ram Van Gaman Path Yatra entered into10 th day. Pilgrims visited Atri Ashram, Amarawati, Viradh Kund, Pushkarani, Markandey Rishi Ashram, Ashwamuni Rishi Ashram. Even today one may find fear lurking in the surrounding area of Viradh Kund. Viradh was the mighty demon who was famous for human eating in Treta Yuga.

18, Feb 2017, by : FnF Correspondent
Shri Ram Van Gaman Path Teerth Yatra 2017 enters in 9th day. Yatri visiting Sphatik Shila where crow Jayant leela taken place. Gupta Godawri , water flows in the cave, comes from where and goes where, no one knows but Ma Janaki in Treta bathe here, says Rambhakts. Listen to a full day report.

17, Feb 2017, by : FnF Correspondent
'Kamadgiri of Chitrakoot' heart place of Shri Ram Van Gaman teertha: 8th day Pilgrimage 2017

16, Feb 2017, by : FnF correspondent
Rikhian, a wisdom centre scatered in 10 km radious to spread knowledge of Indian science and knowledge to mass in ancient Bharat. Listen to a full report on 7th day Shri Ram Vangaman Path Yatra .

16, Feb 2017, by : FnF correspondent
Akshayavat of Satyuga still presnt today, pilgrims reached Prayag, offered prayers, took blessings. Listen a full report here.

14, Feb 2017, by : FnF correspondent
Shri Ram Van Gaman Patha Yatri reached Shringverpur on Tuesday and took bath in holy river Ganga, where in Treta Yuga Ma Janaki, Ramji and Bhaiya Lakhan Lal crossed Ganga River. Here is the image of Mr K P Mishra who belongs to Shrigverpur village and claims to be descended from that family which was present in Shri Ram's Period to offer Ghat Pandit service to devotees.

13, Feb 2017, by : FnF correspondent
Dr Ram Avtar Sharma said on Monday through phone line that we find great enthusiams among people towards Shri Ram Vangaman Teerth. A large gathering awaits for us wherever we go. But each places we are being asked when will start construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhaya . Listen his telephonel byte ..

13, Feb 2017, by : FnF correspondent
Pilgrims visited Sitakund, Gomati, Makari Kund, Dhopap Kund, Vadarthi River and Dev Ghat, offered prayings. Listen a report

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