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AAP's Atishi Warns BJP Against Imposing President's Rule In Delhi

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 12, Apr 2024, 16:36 pm IST | UPDATED: 12, Apr 2024, 16:36 pm IST

AAP's Atishi Warns BJP Against Imposing President's Rule In Delhi New Delhi: Atishi, a prominent leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Minister in the Delhi Government, issued a strong warning to the BJP-led central government on Thursday regarding the possibility of imposition of President's Rule in the national capital. She unequivocally stated that any such move would not only violate legal and constitutional norms but also defy the democratic mandate bestowed upon the AAP by the people of Delhi. "Let me warn the BJP that imposing President's rule in Delhi will be illegal, unconstitutional and against the mandate of the people of Delhi. The people of Delhi have given a clear mandate to Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party," the AAP leader said.

In her statement, Atishi pointed to recent actions, including a letter from the Lieutenant Governor to the Union Home Secretary, as indicative of a broader conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the democratically elected government of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. She highlighted what she perceived as a ''deliberate lack of cooperation'' from the central government officers in Delhi, suggesting a coordinated effort to facilitate the imposition of the President's Rule.

"Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested in a fake case and that too without any proof because there is a conspiracy to topple the elected govt of Delhi. when we see a few things from the past, it shows that there has been a well-thought conspiracy going on. No officers are being posted in Delhi, no transfer postings within Delhi, and officers have stopped attending the meetings since the elections were announced. For the last week, the LG has been writing baseless letters to MHA and the CM's personal secretary has also been removed. This all shows the conspiracy that is going on to topple the Delhi govt," Atishi said.

Atishi also raised concerns regarding the perceived double standards within the Election Commission, alleging discrepancies in the Commission's responsiveness to complaints filed by different political parties. She emphasized the need for impartiality and fairness in the electoral process to uphold the integrity of democratic institutions.

The catalyst for Atishi's warning stemmed from a letter from the Lieutenant Governor's office, which accused Delhi government ministers of failing to attend crucial meetings convened to address pressing issues such as healthcare and public infrastructure. Atishi expressed dismay over the ministers' absence and their apparent disregard for the gravity of the matters under discussion.

The letter from the Lieutenant Governor's office highlighted a healthcare crisis in Delhi, with shortages of basic medical supplies reported at healthcare facilities. Atishi underscored the urgency of addressing these challenges and urged for collaborative efforts to ensure the well-being of Delhi's residents.

The war of words between the BJP-led centre and the Delhi government has intensified ever since CM Arvind Kejriwal was arrested by the ED on March 21 in connection with a money laundering probe relating to alleged irregularities in the now-cancelled Delhi excise policy 2021-22.

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