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29, Jan 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

In the session on Adaptations, and all-star panel of Mira Nair, Michael Ondaatje, Tom Stoppard, Amy Tan and Nicholas Shakespeare discussed the metamorphosis of the book to the screenplay and how in the latter, the writer has to accept that the director's vision becomes paramount.Read News

29, Jan 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

The eleventh edition of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival opened this morning with invigorating music by performers from Gujrat, Assam and Rajasthan – the atmosphere was heady and energetic; as crowds thronged to the beat of ceremonial drums, music and dancing.Read News

19, Jan 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

The fifth edition of Jaipur BookMark takes you through the journey and metamorphosis of a book – from stimulating discussions with aspiring writers, literary agents and publishers to book cover designers, graphic artists, and audio and digital platform providers. Jaipur BookMark opens on 24th January at the Durbar Hall in Diggi Palace and is to be held between 24th January and 28th January at Diggi Palace.Read News

12, Jan 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Jaipur BookMark 2018 announces its second edition of 'The First Book Club New Writers Mentorship Programme', which invites entries ranging across short-stories, poetry as well as works of fiction or non-fiction from first-time writers across the country. Read News

11, Jan 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Bestselling author Charu Singh mesmerizing series "The Maitreya Chronicles” second book "The Golden Dakini” is scheduled to be launched at the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival on January 25th. Andrew Quintman, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, specializing in the Buddhist traditions of Tibet and the Himalaya, in the Department of Religious Studies at Yale will be in conversation with Charu Singh.Read News

05, Jan 2018, by : Jack Thomas

Rattled by a one-two punch of betrayal and scandal, Donald Trump on Thursday tried to block the publication of a bare-knuckle book that portrays his White House as a fetid stew of backbiting, incompetence and dysfunction.Read News

22, Dec 2017, by : FnF Correspondent

Storytel customers can now exclusively listen to the popular collection from Rajkamal as audio books on the Storytel app. Rajkamal will showcase their books now in audio platform as well. For the book lovers it's a delightful news to have a plethora of choices from Rajkamal as their books are available on multiple platform on their website – hardcover, e-books and now with audiobooks.Read News

07, Nov 2017, by : Saket Suman

From joining politics under firebrand leader George Fernandes, to becoming the president of Samata Party -- a key ally in the first National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government, Jaya Jaitly's rise in mainstream politics invited both awe and envy. Her autobiography, "Life Among the Scorpions" makes a series of startling claims that may have lasting political implications.Read News

18, Jul 2017, by : FnF Correspondent

President Pranab Mukherjee received the first copy of the book 'Future of Indian Universities: Comparative and International Perspectives' from Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen who formally released it at a function held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.Read News

29, May 2017, by : FnF Correspondent

President Pranab Mukherjee received the first copies of books 'Color Atlas of Oral implants' and 'Conservative Dentistry – Basics'. Speaking on the occasion, the President said that dentistry as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades and dental awareness has started spreading across IndiaRead News

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