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IIMC Launches Rupa Dash's Book LEADhER

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 16, Jul 2023, 20:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 16, Jul 2023, 20:00 pm IST

IIMC Launches Rupa Dash's Book LEADhER
New Delhi: Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal launched the Book entitled “LEADhER” written by NRI author Rupa Dash. The Book, dealing with the empowerment of women worldwide was released by Regional Director Mrinal Chatterjee at IIMC’s picturesque campus in Dhenkanal of Odisha. LEADhER focuses on the true stories of ascension to success by Sixty amazing women from different corners of the Globe surpassing serious obstacles and social stigmas in their respective lives and in the process becoming sources of inspiration and torch bearers of fortune for others.
Delivering his welcome address, Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee outlined the need of having self confidence and conviction to achieve success in life. Dr Chatterjee emphasised that every child must set one’s ambition right from the childhood. Speaking on the occasion the Author of the much talked Book, Rupa Dash observed that in the contemporary world, not only women themselves are getting empowered but also simultaneously they are setting glaring examples for others to succeed in their lives. So success is not a matter of luck or genius, only hard work and perseverance can be the harbinger of ultimate glories in their respective fields, Ms Dash added. She gave a clarion call to the feminine folks across the Globe to see the dreams to attain success and strive their best to accomplish it. 
The Creative Director of the Book is Rupa Dash’s ten years old daughter and 5th standard student Aayati Dash Kar. Expressing her views during the Book Release session, Aayati said that in this planet no woman is inferior to her male counterpart. Though nowadays women are being discriminated and deprived of their basic dues but they should never feel hopeless and harassed, Ayati added. Aayati appealed to the female fraternity of the society for chasing their aspirations in a determined manner. Since The Creator has bestowed immense strength on all women, they must engage in constant endeavours to stand on their own feet, stated Aayati.  
Aayati also played a video showing how a little girl could reach at her targeted goal sheer through strong willpower despite being affected by plethora of diseases.
Established in Los Angeles of USA as a celebrated entrepreneur, Rupa Dash also holds the coveted positions of the CEO of World Woman Foundation and Vice – Chairman of World Odisha Society. She happens to be the first Indian American managing director of the world's largest women's entrepreneurship network, eWomen Network recognized by the White House. Her Daughter Aayati is the Co – Founder of popular online platform, Queendom Metaverse.
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