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Criminalization of Politics

By Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 24, Mar 2014, 17:39 pm IST | UPDATED: 24, Mar 2014, 17:52 pm IST

Criminalization of Politics  Criminalization in politics has become an honorable status for the party or treated as decorative piece. How dangerous is this decorative piece would be known after few decades? Every party has very solid point in  defense to  this ideology. Some say until and unless one is pronounced guilty by the Court he/she is innocent, so such candidate is not in tainted category and there is nothing bad in fielding them.

Few even go much further in defending even those who are found guilty by lower courts. In their defense they say if one is found guilty by one court and his/her case is in appeal in higher court. Then still he/she is innocent and tainted label is not justified on such candidates. These excuses are deliberately used as defensive cover for giving tickets to criminals.

This is very dangerous game.  In all realities such system of inducting criminals into politics would damage our democratic principles and would cause severe fractures in our independence in time to come. Under these pretexts justifying fielding criminal is serious conspiracy by those whose aim is only to grab powers anyhow. Some cover their blunder of fielding criminals by accusing opponents that they (jealous opponents) have filed a false criminal case to brand him/her with Criminality label.

In the side lines of these lame excuses, major political parties like Congress & BJP have fielded 26% & 37 % criminals respectively. Out of these major political parties in fray, AAP is the single political party which appears to be most disciplined and not fielded any single candidate whose name is colored with criminalization. Further to arrest any doubt against such ideas AAP cancelled/withdrawn those candidates against whom cases came to light with proof.

Wish entire political arena should have follow this, but alas when these power hungry politicians would realize, only God knows. To make sure that no single criminal enters into parliament lets make criminal free parliament in this election of 2014.

Unless people of India take active part in keeping criminal away and save our country falling into wrong hands, we all have to commit ourselves to not to fall pray of false attractions made by many political parties. We must not succumb to individual or political pressure and cast our votes to any tainted candidate what ever party he/she belongs to.

We, the people of India are solely responsible in making our own assessment as to what kind of govt we would like to install. If we all are ready, fed-up or sick of corrupt & ill governance then this is high time when we exercise our vote judiciously. Lets pledge to ourselves that we will only vote to those who are clean, committed to eradicate corruption and those who have potentials to fulfil our aspirations and give us good governance.