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Sorry Mr PM, did you say 'Ache din are coming!' People are lying

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 27, Aug 2015, 15:58 pm IST | UPDATED: 27, Aug 2015, 18:12 pm IST

Sorry Mr PM, did you say 'Ache din are coming!' People are lying Mr Prime Minister, in art there is no difference between good and bad. Good exists only when there is bad.  You had said 'ache din aayenge,' let us fight out the bad ugly days. No one has doubted your intentions and cooperated but it seems bad days would never end. It is too late. Now every Indian is trying to remember exactly what you said to whom. One of your central minister is sure that you did not say good time will come. He unashamedly poured the gasoline of lies on social media .

 I think the minister sahib  became highly embarrassed of sudden price rise in onion market. If you had not promised ache din the onion prices would not have gone up beyond the control of the food minister. He also seems helpless. I know Mr Prime minister, you are a man of words, with very rich dictionary of selected emotional words and a great speechmaker. Whether the benefits of  your schemes reach the last person in the rural areas or not, but your speeches surely reach.

It so happened a few days back. Till the last minute our respectable Foreign Minister waited anxiously, nervously, restlessly till midnight to receive Pakistani NSA chief but the Pakistani counterpart’s flight  refused to touch Delhi airport. All security persons returned to their homes disappointed.  As an artist I feel it is Mr Sartaj Aziz  who played price rise fiddle of onions because Pakistan is famous for growing more onions in the subcontinent and exports to India.  He knew that India is a country which buys more when there is scarcity of the products.

Moreover India has reached a remarkable economic and military stature compared to its neighbour Pakistan. With a view to destabilize harmony of our country  he played such dirty tricks believing that Indians are so fond of gulping onions that even can sacrifice their trip  to the Moon. It appears Mr Sartaj Aziz and the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with the help of Dawood Gang in Mumbai have arranged for such chaos in  the country.  We will request our great actor Rishi Kapoor who is very fond of playing Dawood role to act once again as Dawood to control the gangs in Mumbai. Our film people are highly influenced by Dawood's profile. It is my humble suggestion to control the situation and not to forget every time what you said last time . After all, you are the prime minister of our country and so you have got so  many important things to remember . Jai Hind