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Powerless and restless souls in search of Swabhiman

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 31, Aug 2015, 15:40 pm IST | UPDATED: 31, Aug 2015, 15:44 pm IST

Powerless and restless souls in search of Swabhiman Finally Bihar has woken up and realized that state had lost its self pride and glory hidden some where in Patliputra. It was all due to Mr Narendra Modi who targeted their pride that of and Nitish Kumar, the present CM, Lalu Yadav and Rabadi Devi, the ex CMs. All the CMs past and present, suddenly realized that there was much of pride and glory in Bihar ther than castism, poverty and corruption. The wounded chief ministers did not realise.

The glory of the state was hailed by Ashoka the great, King Chandragupta, Bhagwan Mahaveer and Gautam Buddha. First time in history have these leaders been inspired to organize a Swabhiman rally after centuries. The other political parties like the old congress also joined them wondering Bihar was one among bimaru pradesh but it had not lost its self respect and pride. Congress got encouraged and joined the rally and supported those parties which never supported each other earlier. Now all such parties have come together with one voice against Narendra Modi. Many political experts say that as long Mr Lalu Yadav’s family stays out of power the pains of humiliation of Bihar would just be deepened.

The supporters of rally claimed it is like a Tsunami which will throw the anti Lalu and anti Nitish people out of the state. But interestingly earlier Laluji did not like Nitish and Nitish disliked Laluji too and together they condemned congress. But Tsunami of Swabhiman changed their political understanding. Some psychologists are keeping their finger crossed and watching the political Tsunami which was seen in Utter Pradesh at Samajwadi CM secretariat.

Some of the  experts are of the opinion that Tsunami will finally end in two state. The day it happens Swabhman would merge with caste waves coming and going from Patna to Lucknow and Nitish Kumar will be thrown alone with a Swabhiman flag in his hand. In democracy such Swabhiman washes all the political qualities like morality, honesty, commitment and purity of political principles. Experts say if it was Swabhiman rally why many Ram Vilas Paswans and Jitan Ram Manjhis stayed from the rally. Are they not Bihari?