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Volume of Corruption v/s Lok Pal Bill

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 14, Aug 2011, 16:41 pm IST | UPDATED: 20, Aug 2011, 18:03 pm IST

 Volume of Corruption v/s Lok Pal Bill

India since Independence is still less corrupt than most of the other countries of the world. The total  values of corruptions what has come to light is just mere worth of Rs 91060323400000. In recent days, one of the great architect of scams, none the less than a Congress parliamentarian, Shri Suresh Kalmadi, has exhibited a grand and wonderful magic show of scam, followed by Communication Minister Shri Raja and the then communication minister who had a mini telephone exchange with dedicated lines in his residence supporting SUN TV. 

There are  many hidden scams which have not yet come open to the public, and those Scam architects are enjoying goody time. These experts are enjoying facilities besides escort free immunity or mere an eye wash CBI inquiries under the shadow of dynasty rulers existing in India with  remote controlled democracy. However India is indeed a very great country, whose decent innocent countrymen keep digesting every thing silently. Our countrymen do have extra patience.

The few details of major scams are given below to show, as to how, so called good governance under dynasty rulers, have done justice to aam aadmi, who still do not have four square meal every day.
(a) Security Scam 1992- 5000 corers (b) Indian Bank rip off 1992-1300 corers (c) Sugar Import scam-1994 -650 crores (d)Fodder scam 1996-950 crores (3)CRB Scam 19197- 1000crores (f)Stock-market scam 2001- 1,15,000 crores (g)Home Trade scam 2002-600 corers (h) Stamp paper Scam-2003 -30000 corers (i)Scorpion Submarine scam-2005- 18,978 crores (j)Punjab citycentre project scam-2006. 1,500 crores(k) Alikhan Tax default-2008- 50,000crores (l) The Satyam Scam-2008-10,000 crores (j) Taj coridoor scam 2006-175 crores (k) Army Ration pilfriage scam-2008-5000 crores (l) 2G Spectrum scam -2008, 1,76,000 crores (m) Illegal monies in swiss bank, as estimated in 2008-71,00,000crores (n)Rice export scam,2009-2500 crores (o) Orissa mine scam2009-7,000 crores. (p) Madhukoda mining scam-2009- 4000 crores (q) Commonwealth games scam-2010- 4000 crores.

Do we still need to wait for a strong Lokpal Bill?  It is million dollars question, to many YES and to few No need.  Honourable home minister Shri Chidamabram has expressed Government's willingness to discuss the Bill with Social activist Shri Anna Hazare. He may in his own wisdom and in the wisdom of remote controlled PM may be right to make a bill as prepared and got passed by them. But, the figures shown above are eye opener that India at this hour of need, where corruption has taken root in our blood, no doubt needs very very strong Lokpal Bill to firmly deal with these great scam architects. None deserves to be exempted and none is to be granted any immunity of any kind.

The government in her own prudence should have come out with a strong will to tackle the increasing trend of corruption.However if Government has some reservation, which may be beyond their control, may do so, but now the time has come when each of us rather  every citizen should stand and should fight firmly against corruption. Although, many of us are of strong opinion that mere bringing strong Lokpall bill will not serve the purpose, unless we all have sincere WILL to eradicate this cancerous disease. Today, CORRUPTION has made its deep roots in every walk of life. No nook and corner of the world is found untouched of this disease. It exists in many forms.
Is this kind of freedom our great freedom fighter Bapu had called for? Can we all call ourselves free citizen?  Kisaans who grow food are forced to commit suicide. Gandhi ji had said that India lives in villages. Are villagers given their due share of food, who grow them? They are neglected.They have NO SAY in today's corrupt environment. India used to live in villages, but today India lives on footpaths, with empty stomachs and  animals live in air conditioned bungalows. What a pity it is? Still India is a free country. What an ugly satire this is? Rahne ko ghar nhi , sara Hindustan hamraa hai. (No place to live, but entire India is ours) very good progress India has made and making as said and read that India's economy is booming.
Lets be sincere to ourselves and to our coming generations. Lets fight together against this disaster. Lokpal  Bill is just the beginning. Unless we make it very very strong, we may  not give better and positive signals to aam admi. Let us make it strongest with no exemption. There may be made some provisions so that PM and other top in hierarchy of governance should not be dragged to courts for unwarranted reasons. If we all are sincere to fight this menace, let all of us not join hands with them, who are corrupt or support corrupt practices. 

Let all of us not contribute to any thing which support corruption. Initially, we may feel hardships, in offices, in courts, in market and even in  every step of life, so what, after all we shall have to fight it.  Lets create a clean environment. Let aam admi suffer little more, but should not bend towards corruptions.  I am sure if  this attitude takes place with general public and free and fair practice starts playing its role, the momentum will start rolling and sooner we shall overpower it.
I am sure government would also extend  its strong hands towards this noble cause. Lets join hands with Gandhian Annaji's legacy against corruption,lets be practical and do some constructive work towards this case instead of mere crying against it and facilitating corruption ourselves.