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02, May 2016, by : FnF Desk

Even after fifteen years of the 9/11 tragedy, Sikhs in the US feel they are more likely to face profiling, bigotry and backlash than the average American because of the two distinct symbols of their identity-the beard and the turban. Read News

09, Mar 2016, by : FnF Desk

Clara Rockmore was a master of the theremin - the world's first electronic music instrument and first instrument that could be played without being touched. The theremin inspired the likes of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Beach Boys.Read News

07, Mar 2016, by : Preetha Nair

For Mohiniyattam exponent Methil Devika, performing at Khajuraho "which has so much divine energy" was like a dream come true and she was overwhelmed by the experience. Devika, who performed at the 42nd edition of the Khajuraho dance festival, says that it was a divine experience.Read News

16, Sep 2015, by : Sahana Ghosh

With only a couple of practitioners left today, the bold brush strokes and symphony of natural colours that are the hallmark of the 19th century Kalighat paintings from West Bengal are in "urgent" need of a digital boost to breathe fresh life into them, believe art historians and experts.The Kalighat paintings are different from the more common scroll paintings of rural Bengal.Read News

19, Feb 2015, by : Radheshyam Tewari

Recent exhibition of some of the beautiful paintings of Dr.Sharda Singh of Varanasi deals with the paradoxes and ambiguities of both, the painting and women's life in India. She knows when one should begin a painting and how things will end up? If you want to make the women gorgeous give them one pair of beautiful eyes full of love or miseries, one can read the complete story of her life in detail easily. Read News

12, Dec 2014, by : FnF Correspondent

If Hollyoowd wizard Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" explored the idea of finding life on another planet in space, artist Jitish Kallat is redirecting many journeys between time and space through artistic impressions that would take the audience on a whirlpool of explorations during the 108-day-long Kochi-Muziris Biennale from Friday. Spread over eight venues across this port city,Read News

07, Dec 2014, by : FnF Desk

Music aficionados in the national capital and Mumbai are set for a rare treat when the Chinese opera, "The Peony Pavilion", is performed later in the week, an event made possible by Indian American danseuse Swati Bhise, who has been promoting Indian culture in the United States for close to 30 years. The Peony Pavilion' is the story of love, youth, and hope. The theme of love is something that connects people and is always universally liked. Read News

18, Nov 2014, by : Radheshyam Tewari

Jaipur art summit started with great controversy on a piece of installation art depicting the abstract figure of Ganesh on a toilet pot which enraged a young group of Ganesh lovers of the city who broke the installation art into pieces at Jawahar Kala kendra Condemning the organizers of the summit. Read News

03, Oct 2014, by : Radheysham Tiwari

Since last 12 years, a folk festival under the artful eyes of the Trust dedicated to the upliftment of local folk culture is being organized by the various communities of the village Momasar collectively without discriminating against their religion, caste and creed in association with Jaipur Virasat foundation to give the villagers a sense of ownership and pride and to provide a platform to over 250 local folk artists across Rajasthan to showcase their talent and skills. Read News

22, Jun 2014, by : Priti Prakash

The mindset of people is changing. People think prestigious to come to Habib's. It is everyones dream to get a hair work done from Habib's. This is because of our work and the hard wrok that has gone behind studying and educating ourselves before doing it. This is our USP.Read News

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