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IIPM hosts Public Presentation of Rupa Dash's Book LEADhER

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 28, Jul 2023, 17:12 pm IST | UPDATED: 28, Jul 2023, 17:13 pm IST

IIPM hosts Public Presentation of Rupa Dash's Book LEADhER
New Delhi: International Indecency Prevention Movement (IIPM) hosted public presentation of NRI Author Rupa Dash's much talked book 'LEADhER' at its education centre in Bidanasi. World Woman Foundation's Chief Executive Officer and World Odisha Society’s Vice – Chairman Rupa Dash focusses on the empowerment of woman worldwide in her new book. In LEADhER, Los Angeles based ace entrepreneur and creative writer, Smt. Dash highlights the true stories of ascension from scratch to success by sixty amazing women from different parts of the planet overcoming serious predicaments and social stigmas in their respective lives through sheer hardwork and perseverance.

Accepting the book, the main Host and Director-cum- Secretary of IIPM Dr. Arundhati Debi exudes confidence that this unique and extraordinary book will definitely be the source of immense inspiration for the girls of present generations to achieve greater heights. 

Being the creative director of the book, Rupa Dash’s ten year old 5th standard student daughter Ayati Dash Kar, has done all the creative designs in the publication. Both Smt. Dash and Ms. Kar have been warmly felicitated by IIPM during the book presentation ceremony. 
Addressing the gathering Smt. Dash advised the Girl students of the education centre to take up any profession of their choice and to put their best, to achieve highest excellence in their careers. In her speech Ayati described women as the embodiment of superpower.Hence, the female folks of the society should not lose their moral strength during adversities and must always strive to be the ideals and motivating spirit for others, she added. 
Smt. Dash presented her books to the students and faculty members of the institution during the occasion. The interactive session was well organised and smoothly conducted with the active guidance of the faculty members like Urmila Behera, Gitanjali Swain, Mamata Pradhan, Rajarani Tripathy and Madhusmita Panda.
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