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Books by Nirmal Verma and Gagan Gill will once again grace Rajkamal Prakashan's catalogue

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Jan 2024, 16:27 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Jan 2024, 16:27 pm IST

Books by Nirmal Verma and Gagan Gill will once again grace Rajkamal Prakashan's catalogue

New Delhi: In Modern Hindi, Nirmal Verma holds a distinct significance and popularity. As unique and prominent as he was in his time, he is equally beloved by the younger generation today as well. All his books were published by Rajkamal Praakshan until 2005. Afterwards, there was a gap of 18-year. Now, between February and April 2024, a total of 43 his books will be re-released by Rajkamal in a new format. Additionally, on the occasion of his birth anniversary – 3rd April, a new collection of his unpublished and uncompiled stories will be launched in New Delhi. In this way, Nirmal Verma is again the star author of Rajkamal with a total of 44 books. Ashok Maheshwari, Chairman of Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh, announced this in an official statement released on Monday, marking it as a new beginning.

On this occasion, Gagan Gill, the copyright holder of Nirmal Verma's work and a renowned Hindi poet and writer herself, expressed, "All the works of Nirmal Ji and mine are now returning to Rajkamal Prakashan. This moment feels like a homecoming. Rajkamal was our first publisher. Nirmal was associated with Rajkamal from the time of Omprakash Ji, around 1956-57. And I was associated since the time of Mrs. Sheela Sandhu, around 1987-88. There was a harmonious working relationship with Rajkamal from the very beginning. After Ashok Ji took charge, I worked on many books with him, including those of Nirmal Ji, mine, and those of our friends. Unfortunately, in 2005 there was some misunderstanding between us and we parted ways.”

She continued , “I had the opportunity to work with many different people in the last 18 years, but the harmonious team I made with Rajkamal Prakashan and Ashok Ji was nowhere near. At this stage in my life, there are many papers I need to put in order  within a limited time-frame. I believe that together with Ashok ji, all that will be sorted out properly. It has taken us 18 years to come back together as a team but all this while our families maintained cordial affection. Had Ashok Ji not been so forthcoming in inviting us back repeatedly, perhaps this reunion wouldn't have come. The credit for this homecoming to our first ever publisher goes to him."


Gagan Gill added further, "Nirmal Ji has been loved by readers of every generation since the beginning. Today, a new generation, especially the English-speaking one, is discovering a fresh perspective in his literature. I am confident, Rajkamal will play its role well in presenting Nirmal’s work in imaginative presentations to the young readers.

“Perhap my becoming a Buddhist too played a significant role in my decision to return after 18 years. ‘If I were to go all alone, what did I  gain by making so many friends, so many enemies?’, Acharya Shantideva of Nalanda had said. This is what I feel today. Through some divine blessing, my mind is  calm and at peace. With the trust I have posed in Rajkamal and Ashok Ji, I know they will handle our works well. Today and in  future too .”

Ashok Maheshwari said, “In these eighteen years, there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t thought of Nirmal Ji. I was privileged to get a lot of love and trust from him. I could never forget him. The circumstances under which Nirmal Ji’s books went elsewhere eighteen years ago were painful for me and Rajkamal Prakashan. At that time, due to my misunderstanding and failure to comprehend Gagan Ji's state of mind, and ensuing parting of our ways  became a wound in the history of Rajkamal, which took eighteen years to heal. Perhaps I ought to have been more sensitive and patient. At times the enthusiasm of self righteousness can be so hurtful to the other’s mind. Many times, we learn from our mistakes, and sometimes difficult experiences teach us valuable lessons for a greater purpose. Personally and institutionally, I am very satisfied that all the books of Nirmal Ji and Gagan Ji have returned to their original publisher."

He said, "Gagan was not only Nirmal Ji's wife or an author of Rajkamal. She remained a family friend, a well-wisher for Rajkamal. We have earlier worked together to design and present the books of Nirmal Ji, Gagan Ji. My children have fond memories of them. I always wished Nirmal Ji and Gagan Ji must stay with Rajkamal. Incidentally I wish to mention this. Despite decades passing since Nirmal Ji's books were published by other publishing houses, his book lovers in remote areas continued to demand his books from Rajkamal. This was an extraordinary situation. It's heartwarming that even now there is such an innocent group of readers on the boundaries of literature who consider an author and a publisher inseparable. In such situations, it was also our responsibility to bring back the books of our beloved author for those readers. We have great respect for all those readers and book lovers who consistently inquired about Nirmal Ji's books."

Amod Maheshwari, CEO of Rajkamal Prakashan shared that this year, the first set of Nirmal Verma Ji's 6 books and Gagan Gill Ji's 2 books will be presented in an attractive format keeping young readers in mind at the World Book Fair, New Delhi. In March, the second set of Nirmal Ji's 12 books and Gagan Ji's 3 books will be released. By April, all their books will be available in the market. E-books will also be released. It is a double joy for us that all the works of these two important authors have returned to their original publisher. For this, we are grateful to Gagan Ji. Thanks to all the readers, book lovers, and well-wishers whose goodwill made this historic event possible.

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