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Dr Sarita Sarangi's book PET: An autobiography released by Kiran Bedi and Amrendra Khatua in New Delhi

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 07, May 2024, 18:48 pm IST | UPDATED: 07, May 2024, 18:48 pm IST

Dr Sarita Sarangi's book PET: An autobiography released by Kiran Bedi and Amrendra Khatua in New Delhi
The book, 'PET:An Autobiography'  was unveiled by Dr. Kiran Bedi and Ambassador(Dr) Amarendra Khatua on 4th May, 2024 at India International Centre (IIC), Annexe, New Delhi.
The audience was spellbound by the mesmerizing speech of Dr Bedi. The unique presentation of the numerous anecdotes in the book by Dr Bedi made the audience emotional.
She mentioned that, the content of the book is ideal for making a Documentary film on the book.
She launched an on-line Counselling Service for pet parents to be headed by Dr Sarita Sarangi, being a psychologist and a pet parent. The service would be an initiative of SEWAK, a charitable organization registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860, headed by Dr Sarita Sarangi. 
Guest Speaker of the event, Ambassador Dr Amarendra Khatua while presenting a critical analysis of the contents of the book and praising the writing style of the author, highlighted many pertinent issues concering care and protection of animals and pets in a rights based perspective, as present in the book.
The book is a bold, unique and offbeat attempt by the author and a special addition to the field of Indian literature. 
The portrayal of shared moments of over a decade between the author along with her family and her lovely pet, a female German Shepherd, who is no more, is straight from a pet’s mouth. 
The book is an honest depiction of human-animal bonding, a perfect metaphor for unconditional love. On the canvas of a wide spectrum of emotions, it is going to fascinate readers across age groups. The fabulous trivia and humorous anecdotes would find children wallowing in fun. 
The author has lent a voice to Alex.The pet’s perception of human behaviour dripped with sarcasm, the challenges of pet parenting and behaviour modification techniques are quite captivating. 
It is a great comfort to pet lovers who can understand the true meaning of bonding with a pet and the agony of its loss. The issues raised in the book are definitely going to ignite the sensitive souls and minds of the legal fraternity, policymakers and caregivers. 
While decoding grief of loss, the author focussed on healthy grieving and coping strategies. Attitudes and discriminatory approaches of people towards the voiceless souls, widespread cruelty towards them, the systemic inertia concerning the demands of veterinary care, demystifying grief of loss as well as the facts and figures surrounding the canine world are a feast for the readers. 
 The book stands for a cause.... VOICE FOR VOICELESS...
Dr Sarita Sarangi, Ph.D., Psychology, University of Delhi is the Founder-Director of SEWAK, an NGO, and has worked extensively in the field of juvenile justice,women empowerment, persons in custodial settings, the wellbeing of persons with special needs and the underprivileged. ‘Reality and Reforms in Tihar Jail’ in the edited book, ‘Punishment and the Prison: Indian and International Perspectives’, a SAGE publication, is one of her publications. She has authored ‘Love Unconditional’, an anthology of poems. She is an author, poet, trainer, field professional and proponent of animal welfare and child rights issues, besides an avid researcher in the field of behavioural science.